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The $800 Power Point

How a simple job can turn into a major expense A new client called us to get an extra power point installed in their garage. On checking their switchboard we found they had an old fuse board in poor condition, with no circuit breakers or safety switches. Regulations...

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Heat Pump Installations

Heat pumps are the most efficient and popular electric heating solution for dealing with our Launceston winters.

Heat pumps use electricity to operate, but they produce more energy, in the form of heat, than the amount of power consumed. This efficiency advantage is what makes your heat pump cheaper to run than a conventional electric heater.

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Wall and Window Exhaust Fans

There are times when it’s just not possible to install a ceiling mounted exhaust fan. Maybe you have a downstairs bathroom with no ceiling space, only the floor above.

Maybe you have a flat roof with only a few inches clearance between the ceiling and the roofing material and you don’t want to risk cutting a hole for a vent.

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Exhaust Fan Facts

Without a working exhaust fan in place bathrooms quickly become mouldy and full of condensation and kitchens build up a greasy film on cupboards and surfaces near the hotplates.

The most common problem with exhaust fan installations is a lack of roof space above the fan

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The Dangers Of Halogen Downlights

Across Australia, hundreds of homes have been damaged or even completely destroyed by fire caused by old style halogen downlights.

There are millions of the lights still in use across the country and many of them are just a disaster waiting to happen.

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New LED Down Lights

LED down lights have greatly improved over the last year or so. There are many new brands on the market and prices have dropped by around 50%.

The new lights on offer are more compact, with the LED drivers built in to the light fitting instead of having a separate driver that plugs into the light. This makes them easier to install, especially in confined spaces.

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The Difference Between An Electrician And An Electrical Contractor

A qualified tradesperson is not allowed to carry out electrical work on their own behalf, and charge clients for that work. In order to conduct an electrical business the practitioner must obtain an electrical contractors license.

Gaining a contractors license requires further study, passing more exams and other requirements such as insurance cover and reporting obligations.

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Do You Guys Do ….. ?

“Do you guys do heat pumps?” “Do you guys do domestic work?”

We often get asked if we do a specific type of electrical job and in most cases the answer is yes, because there is very little that we don’t do.

To give you an idea of the wide range of services we offer

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Solar Panels Take Over Japanese Golf Courses

Solar panel manufacturer Kyocera has found a new use for some of these old golf courses, turning them into solar farms.
A 23 megawatt plant is currently under construction near Kyoto and there are plans for other installations, including a 93 megawatt plant that will power over 30,000 homes.

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Cold Tassie Winter Leads To Flooded Ceilings

The cold winter of 2015 has seen a larger than usual number of homes flooded by frozen water pipes. With temperatures falling well below zero, water pipes in some ceilings have frozen, causing joints to crack due to expansion of ice in the pipes. When the ice melts the water flows again – into the ceiling space.

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