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Underground Mains Cables Install

1.2 Kilometres Of Underground Mains Cables Installed At Hanson Quarry Launceston A good effort by the guys to get such a long run of cable in so quickly and without any hassles.  Watch this short video to see one day's work in a minute and 36 seconds.  

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Stove and Oven Repairs

Most stoves and ovens can be repaired as long as spare parts are still available. Common faults include blown oven elements and thermostats, blown hotplates and faulty hotplate controls. These are usually quite easy to fix provided parts are available.  Oven door...

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Solar Nightmare No. 7

We've heard a few stories lately about people having trouble with solar panel installations. A client who signed up with one of those solar companies that advertise heavily on TV just found out that the company failed to submit their application correctly so they now...

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