This time of year we start to get clients bringing their caravans and campervans in for electrical checks.

Quite often they have purchased the caravan on the mainland and want to change it to Tasmanian registration.  Before it can be registered they must have mechanical, gas and electrical checks for safety and compliance.

The electrical requirements for caravans are quite strict and include things like the need for “double pole” power points and light switches, stranded wiring, correct earthing and a safety switch.

Most newer vans have no problem meeting these requirements, however older vans usually need some work done before they can be registered.

A thorough check should take about an hour, if the caravan electrical installation is in good condition, including some paperwork to apply for a compliance sticker, which you need to display to be able to connect to powered sites in Tasmania.

The compliance sticker usually takes a few days to arrive so we also provide a letter of certification that can be taken to the motor registry inspection, so you can complete the registration process without having to wait for the sticker.

Occasionally we see an older van that may have been purchased quite cheaply, but requires a substantial investment to upgrade the electrical system to allow for registration.  These old vans rarely turn out to be the bargain they may have first seemed.

If you buy an old van with mainland registration you should be aware that it could cost you several hundred dollars, or even more, for electrical checks and work to get the van in a roadworthy state so it can be registered in Tasmania.

For further advice or to arrange a caravan electrical inspection in a hurry phone Mance Electrical on 6331 4711.

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