Generator Inlets For Home Back Up Power

Generator Inlets For Home Back Up Power

A Generator Inlet Makes Home Back Up Power Easy And Safe

Connecting a portable generator to power your home during a blackout requires some preparation.

You could just throw a cord in through a window and run more cords from a power board to your fridge and freezer and a couple of other appliances.

A far better way is to install a generator inlet.  A proper generator inlet enables you to plug your generator directly into some of the power circuits of your home.

This means you can run your appliances from their usual power points and can also allow you to run some lights, depending on how it is set up.

The size of your generator will determine how many appliances you can run. A small generator will probably only be able to run your fridge and a few lights.

You would require quite a large generator to completely replace mains power.  Appliances such as heaters, hot water cylinders and ovens draw large amounts of power.

A generator of around 6KVA size can be sourced for less than $2,000 and will have technology that provides clean filtered power suitable for running computers and other electronic equipment.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the location of your generator.  The generator inlet will need to be close to the switchboard, however you have some flexibility with the exact location of the generator, depending on the length of the power cord.

The generator needs to be in an area where exhaust fumes will not blow back into your home.  It should be located out of the weather if possible and you should also consider the security of the unit.

A large stationary generator will not be easy to move, but could be an attractive target if power cuts become common.

Click here for more information on generators.

Your investment for the installation of a generator inlet installation with an approved change-over switch would start at around $700.

Since everyone’s home is different it’s best to get a free fixed price quotation. The cost will vary depending on the configuration of your switchboard and some other variables.


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Turn Any Broken Power Point Into A USB Power Point

Turn Any Broken Power Point Into A USB Power Point

Got a faulty power point somewhere in your home?

Would you like to turn that faulty power point in the laundry, garage or anywhere in your home into a USB charging point in your kitchen?

Would you like the convenience of charging your phone, tablet or mobile device while still being able to use the power point?  Would you like to get rid of that jumble of cords and charger power packs that clutter the bench, getting tangled and lost and generally looking untidy?

It’s easy to do and won’t cost much more than just replacing the faulty power point.

If you have a faulty power point anywhere in your home, here’s how you can turn it into a new double power point with twin USB charging sockets, anywhere you need one.

For example, instead of replacing the faulty power point in your laundry with a new power point fitting, we can remove a working power point from your kitchen and install that fitting in the laundry, then install a new USB power point in your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter where your faulty power point is, or where you would like the new USB power point.  You could choose to put you new USB power point in a kitchen, bedroom, rumpus room, home office or anywhere it will be most convenient.

So any time you find a faulty power point don’t just get it replaced.

Turn it into a USB power point anywhere you need it.

New Double Power Point With Twin USB Charging Socket
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How The Blazing Hot Summer Sun Can Keep You Cool

How The Blazing Hot Summer Sun Can Keep You Cool

It’s 34 degrees outside the sun is beating down fiercely and you can feel your skin starting to burn after just a couple of minutes exposure.

So how can this hot, hot summer sun actually keep you cool?

You can be cool and comfortable by running your air-conditioner on solar power!

Air-conditioning is an ideal appliance for solar power because you are using your electricity as you make it, right when you need it the most.

With solar panels on your roof you can use your own power as you make it and run your air conditioning so you can remain cool and comfortable during even the hottest days.

In fact the hotter it gets the more power you make and the cooler you can be!


Your solar panel system is set up so that the solar power is used first and power from the grid is only used when there isn’t enough solar power available.

It makes good sense to use your own power first and effectively get paid 15.197 cents per kw hour, rather than try to build up credits at a measly 5.5 cents per kw hour of the current feed-in tariff.

You will be 3 times better off by using your own power than you would selling it back to the grid.

Solar power still works well, however these days, the lower feed-in tariffs means it takes longer to build up credits by selling your excess power back to the grid.

Despite the low feed in tariff, solar power is still a great investment.  Any power you make and use yourself is power you don’t have to pay for.

Payback times are longer with the lower tariff, but you will still be better off with a solar system on the roof.

There are also finance options for those wanting to go solar without having to pay the full installation cost up front.

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Christmas Lights Survival Guide

Christmas Lights Survival Guide

The Unexpected Dangers Of Christmas Lights

It seems that every year the bar is raised higher and higher in the neighbourhood Christmas lights competition.

Displays are bigger and brighter, with more and more lights added each successive year. Home owners go to a lot of trouble and some of the displays look quite impressive, but did you know there is a dark side to those festive lights?

There are a number of injuries and even deaths each year directly attributed to Christmas lights.  Electrocution, fire and falling off roofs can make the quest for festive lighting a hazardous endeavour.

The major source of problems are old and poorly maintained light strings.

That old set of Christmas tree lights you’ve been dragging out every December for a couple of decades should probably be replaced.  Any lights that operate with 240 volts at the lamp have the potential to cause electric shock or start a fire.

Old Christmas lights can also cause overloaded circuits, a problem that has been solved by new LED lights.

LEDs are ideal for Christmas lights due to their low power consumption, low voltage power supplies and the range of colours that can be produced.  Even with new LED lights there are safety issues you need to to be aware of.

You should only buy your Christmas lights from a reputable local retailer to ensure they are safe and approved for use in Australia.

If you buy online make sure your lights are sent from an Australian based distributor and not sent direct to you from overseas.  It doesn’t guarantee the safety of the lights but it does give you an opportunity to seek redress in the event of a problem.

If you import any electrical product direct from overseas you assume all the responsibilities of an importer and will be personally liable for any problems the lights cause.

If some one is injured by non-compliant lights you will be responsible.  If you home is damaged by fire due to faulty Christmas lights your insurance company may not pay if the lights that caused the damage were not approved for use in Australia.

The usual commonsense safety measures still apply to low voltage or LED lights.

Don’t use lights that have damaged cords, broken lamps or damaged power supplies.

Don’t mix old and new light strings, they are probably not compatible.

Do keep power packs and extension cord connections out of the weather.

Do use a proper ladder for accessing your roof and make sure it is footed correctly and secured at the top if possible.

Do ensure that any lights you buy are approved for use in Australia.

While a good display of Christmas lights can look amazing, some people go just a little too far.

Last year a Townsville man disconnected the street light outside his home in order to make his lighting display stand out more effectively. He removed the cover from the base of the pole and pulled apart the live wiring connections, which disabled the  street light but created a very dangerous situation.

Enjoy your festive lighting display but make sure you keep your family safe as well.

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Your NBN Connection – What To Expect

Your NBN Connection – What To Expect

NBN Questions Answered

Many homes in Launceston have already been connected to the NBN and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband internet.  If you haven’t been connected yet, what should you expect?

Your NBN connection can happen in up to 3 separate stages, and possibly be carried out by 3 different crews.

The First Stage is the installation of the fibre optic cable from the pit in the footpath outside, usually through an existing undergound conduit, to your home.  Depending on the construction of your home the cable may end up underneath your house or against the wall of your house if it is built on a concrete slab.

If the fibre optic cable can’t be installed through the existing conduit the contractor may have to dig up some of your lawn or even cut a concrete path in order to put the new cable through.  Any disturbance caused by this work will be rectified by the contractor.

The Second Stage is the installation and connection of the outside connection box.  The connection box is installed on an outside wall of the house.  If there is access under the house there is some flexibility as to where the box will be located but it must be easily accessible for maintenance.

If your home is built on a slab the box will be placed close to where the conduit finishes at the wall of the house.

The Third Stage is the installation of the indoor equipment.  This is the stage that causes the most conflict between the contractor and home owner.

The contractor is paid a fixed rate and wants the job completed as quickly as possible.  The home owner wants their indoor connection point in a convenient and central location.

For example the underground conduit probably ends at the wall nearest the street and the contractor would like to just drill a hole in the wall and put the indoor equipment connection directly on the other side of the wall.  The homeowner would prefer to have their connection point somewhere central in the house, not inside the wardrobe of the furthest bedroom.

The contractor is required to negotiate with the home owner over this matter and must reach agreement over the location.  Contractors prefer to do the quickest and easiest job, but can be they can claim for the additional cost of the extra work involved in moving the gear to a more convenient location.

There is scope for flexibility in all parts of the installation process so if you are not happy with what is being proposed there is room for negotiation.

If there is easy access under your house you can probably get the indoor connection gear installed close to your existing phone point.

Wherever your connection box goes, you will need a double power point available.  One power socket is required for the NBN box and one for your wireless modem if you have one.

To connect to the NBN you need to sign up with an internet provider.  There are many retail offerings for this service and some vendors offer deals if you combine your mobile and home services as well.

Important Note – If you have a monitored alarm system that uses your existing copper phone line then you will need to contact you alarm monitoring service before changing to the NBN.  Alarm systems don’t work well on the NBN and you will need some new equipment in order to guarantee your alarm will dial out correctly.

If you have any questions regarding your NBN installation please give us a call.   If you need a new power point or phone extension points as a result of your NBN connection phone us on 6331 47114.

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Isle Of Man – Electric Motorcycle Sets New Lap Record

Isle Of Man – Electric Motorcycle Sets New Lap Record

John McGuiness Rides 192 km/h Average Speed Lap

The Isle of Man track is 37 miles per lap, through villages, narrow country lanes and over hump-backed bridges.  It’s hard to see anywhere you could touch on 192 kilometres per hour, let alone make it your average speed!

John McGuiness won the Isle of Man TT Zero (zero emissions) on a Team Mugen, Shinden Yon electric motorcycle.  While the petrol powered bikes race over six laps, the race for electric bikes is one lap only.

Power is not a problem, the bikes could go faster.  The limitation is battery life.  The bikes are detuned to allow them to last a full lap of the circuit.

The fastest speed recorded for an electric motorcycle is a stunning 350 km/h achieved by the Lightning LS-218 at the Bonneville salt flats in 2013.

One amazing feature of the electric motorcycle is that full torque is available right through the rev range from one rev to full noise.  No matter what speed you are doing, maximum power is available at every twist of the throttle.  The drive out of corners must be incredible.

No doubt the speed and power statistics will be even more impressive next year.  The real story is in battery development.  The increased production of electric cars is driving research and development in battery technology.

The Tesla Gigafactory is under construction in Nevada USA.  This facility will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for Tesla electric cars and for the new Powerwall domestic storage batteries.

It won’t be long before electric motorcycles are available for general purchase, and it promises to be an exciting ride.

The spin-off benefits for consumers will be access to the Powerwall type storage batteries.  These batteries will allow solar panel owners to store the solar power generated during the day and use it at night.  Cost effective battery storage will make solar panels viable for everyone.


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And if you require test riders for your electric motorcycle we can provide a couple of those too!

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