Poor Design Leads To Big Repair Bills

The photograph above shows a pretty dubious set up for installing a light fitting in the ceiling at the top of a stairwell. While the initial installation is risky, how on earth is anyone supposed to repair that light in years to come?

After these clowns have finished, a builder will fit a handrail around the walkway and there will be no easy way to get to that light even to do something as simple as replace a blown globe.

The fault lies with the designer who drew the light in that position on the plans.  What should be a simple job that the home owner could do themselves now requires an electrician, an apprentice and a scaffold and hundreds of dollars in costs.

You would be surprised how often we find light fittings that were installed in awkward spots during the construction phase of a building that are almost impossible to access for maintenance afterwards.

In the case above, there could have been one light over the walkway an another on the wall to the left of the stairs that would both have been easily accessible for future repairs.

Any lights that are over the top of the stairs makes access difficult or sometimes almost impossible.  A little common sense at the planning stage could save a lot of money and aggravation later on.

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