We often get asked what kind of electrical work we do, and the answer is “Almost Everything”


“Do you guys do heat pumps?”   “Do you guys do domestic work?”

We often get asked if we do a specific type of electrical job and in most cases the answer is yes, because there is very little that we don’t do.

To give you an idea of the wide range of services we offer, here is a list of the jobs and electrical repairs we’ve attended in the Launceston area in the last few days:

  • Repaired the star on top of the Christmas tree in the Brisbane Street Mall
  • Supplied and installed 2 new ovens
  • Installed phone and computer points in a new office
  • Checked the furnace controls in a brass foundry
  • Carried out a 6-month safety check to allow for reconnection of power
  • Repaired a clients lights by turning up their dimmer
  • Replaced an old fuse board with a new circuit breaker switchboard
  • Installed solar panels on 2 homes in Launceston
  • Removed a dead mouse from behind some hotplates
  • Calibrated the additive systems at 5 concrete plants
  • Changed old style down lights to new LED lights
  • Installed new LED sensor lights
  • Repaired 4 hotplates
  • Replaced 2 smoke alarms
  • Wired and installed 16 new power points, including outdoor power points
  • Roughed in wiring for a new shed
  • Provided temporary power for an outdoor event

… and many more small repairs and quotes


So if you ask us “Do You Guys Do … ?” the answer is likely to be “YES!”

Click here to check out our Services Page for a more comprehensive listing of the range of services you can access to solve your electrical problems. If you require a service that is not listed, we probably can still do it. so just pick up the phone and ask.



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