Have you ever had a nasty shock when they received your power bill?

Maybe your  first reaction was “How could it be so high?  Surely there must be some mistake!”

There are unusual situations that could lead to a high power bill, however 99% of high power bills are due to high power usage.

We’ve done many investigations for clients who have received an unusually high power bill. Sometimes we find there has been an error with the meter reading.

Occasionally we’ve  found instances where one person has been paying for someone else’s power.  These are rare occasions, and always occur in multi- tenancy buildings.

The most common thing that catches people out is excessive use of electric heaters.

Most people underestimate the amount they run their heaters, and they aren’t aware of the running costs.

We have seen clients with quarterly power bills of more than $2,000 simply because they didn’t understand the cost of running their appliances.

It’s easy for costs to escalate quickly if you don’t know the best ways to manage your power use.

Very soon, Mance Electrical will be releasing a free guide to help you identify how much  power your various appliances are using, so you can manage your power consumption to get the lowest possible power bill.

In the mean time, click here to download our free report which has 43 different ways to reduce you power bill, including many low cost and no cost ideas.


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