See the Mance Electrical team installing 40 solar panels on our workshop roof.

The process begins with installation of the support rails.  These must be leveled and spaced correctly to support the solar panels.

Once the rails are in place, the panels are fixed down with brackets that clamp to the rails.  The power and earth cables are installed, along with the required isolation switches.

The inverter is mounted in the appropriate location within the building and the cables from the solar panels are connected to the inverter.

The inverter takes the DC power from the solar panels and converts it AC power which can be used in your home or business.

Click here to check out our previous blog post to see how well our system performed for the first three months.

Solar power works.  You can get electricity free from the sun.  For more information and free quotation and avice call us at Mance Electrical Launceston on 6331 4711.


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