Solar Trees Provide Shade And Power

Israeli inventor, Michael Lasry has created a “solar tree” which collects solar power and provides a shaded seating area with outlets for charging mobile phones and a screen for accessing the internet.

The solar tree also provides chilled drinking water and is a wi-fi hotspot.   Excess power produced by the tree is stored in a battery which then powers LED lights at night and provides back up power on cloudy days.

The seven solar panels on the tree produce 1.4 kilowatts of power which is enough to run 35 laptop computers.

The solar trees are a stand-alone installation, not connected to the electricity grid.  The $100,000 price tag means there may not be a solar tree in every park any time soon, but they are a great example of what is possible with small scale solar installations.

The inventor also plans to install internet connected cameras in the trees allowing communication between tree users across the world.

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