NBN Questions Answered

Many homes in Launceston have already been connected to the NBN and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband internet.  If you haven’t been connected yet, what should you expect?

Your NBN connection can happen in up to 3 separate stages, and possibly be carried out by 3 different crews.

The First Stage is the installation of the fibre optic cable from the pit in the footpath outside, usually through an existing undergound conduit, to your home.  Depending on the construction of your home the cable may end up underneath your house or against the wall of your house if it is built on a concrete slab.

If the fibre optic cable can’t be installed through the existing conduit the contractor may have to dig up some of your lawn or even cut a concrete path in order to put the new cable through.  Any disturbance caused by this work will be rectified by the contractor.

The Second Stage is the installation and connection of the outside connection box.  The connection box is installed on an outside wall of the house.  If there is access under the house there is some flexibility as to where the box will be located but it must be easily accessible for maintenance.

If your home is built on a slab the box will be placed close to where the conduit finishes at the wall of the house.

The Third Stage is the installation of the indoor equipment.  This is the stage that causes the most conflict between the contractor and home owner.

The contractor is paid a fixed rate and wants the job completed as quickly as possible.  The home owner wants their indoor connection point in a convenient and central location.

For example the underground conduit probably ends at the wall nearest the street and the contractor would like to just drill a hole in the wall and put the indoor equipment connection directly on the other side of the wall.  The homeowner would prefer to have their connection point somewhere central in the house, not inside the wardrobe of the furthest bedroom.

The contractor is required to negotiate with the home owner over this matter and must reach agreement over the location.  Contractors prefer to do the quickest and easiest job, but can be they can claim for the additional cost of the extra work involved in moving the gear to a more convenient location.

There is scope for flexibility in all parts of the installation process so if you are not happy with what is being proposed there is room for negotiation.

If there is easy access under your house you can probably get the indoor connection gear installed close to your existing phone point.

Wherever your connection box goes, you will need a double power point available.  One power socket is required for the NBN box and one for your wireless modem if you have one.

To connect to the NBN you need to sign up with an internet provider.  There are many retail offerings for this service and some vendors offer deals if you combine your mobile and home services as well.

Important Note – If you have a monitored alarm system that uses your existing copper phone line then you will need to contact you alarm monitoring service before changing to the NBN.  Alarm systems don’t work well on the NBN and you will need some new equipment in order to guarantee your alarm will dial out correctly.

If you have any questions regarding your NBN installation please give us a call.   If you need a new power point or phone extension points as a result of your NBN connection phone us on 6331 47114.

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