ceiling space

The ceiling space of your home could be a dangerous place…

Old wiring, rodent damage or poor installation could all spell disaster for the home handyman.

Maybe you want to install some insulation, check for a water leak or remove the dead animal causing that awful smell in your roof – whatever the reason, you should turn off all the power to your home, before getting into the roof space.

In older homes the main hazard is deteriorated VIR, rubber or lead wiring.  In newer homes the hazard is incompetence and shortcuts by dodgy tradesmen.  Rodent damage can also expose live wires and connections.

Insulation often covers electrical components such as wiring, junction boxes and light fittings.  While crawling around in your roof space, its easy to accidentally touch a live part from damaged or poorly installed electrical equipment.

Problems we have found in roof spaces recently include live bare wires, exposed wiring from rodent damage, water damaged light points, crumbling rubber cable, light fittings not correctly earthed, and dangerous home handyman wiring.

Play it safe and turn off the main switch at your switchboard and use a battery operated torch for illumination while working in the roof space.

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