1,366,380 Solar Panels,  102 Megawatts of Power

Enough To Power 33,000 Homes For A Year 

The statistics are amazing, the scale is huge.  AGL have just completed their biggest ever solar project at Nyngan in western New South Wales.

The last panel was installed in April 2015 and a ceremony to mark the event was attended by the CEOs of AGL and First Solar and ministers from the NSW state government – but not the federal government.

By the end of July the plant is expected to be fully connected and producing at full capacity.  The more than 1.36 million panels cover 240 hectares and will provide enough energy to power 33,000 homes for an entire year.

Despite the federal government’s attack on the solar power industry, the installation of panels continues all across the country.  Australians love solar power and will not be deterred from accessing this abundant, clean and cost effective source of energy.

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