If a property has had the power disconnected for more than 6 months, TasNetworks require a safety inspection to be carried out before they will reconnect.

This little known requirement often comes as a surprise to the new occupants moving into a property that has been vacant for a while.

Everything is arranged, keys handed over, furniture moved.  And then they phone TasNetworks to get the power on.

The rule is strictly enforced.  No power reconnection after 6 months without a safety inspection by a licenced electrical contractor.

The reasoning is, if a property has been disconnected for so long, a safety check is required to make sure someone hasn’t pulled down a couple of light fittings and left bare wires hanging out of the ceiling.

Or maybe the installation has deteriorated with no one to keep an eye on it.

Most of the safety checks we do are emergency jobs done at short notice as nobody realised a check would be required.

Occasionally a client will spend a night or two in their new home without power.  If the check was done on a Friday afternoon, maybe their power won’t be connected until the next Monday.

The required safety checks are quite comprehensive. They  ensure that the electrical system is safe to be energised.  Any faults found during the testing must be fixed before power can be restored.

If you are moving into a property that has been disconnected for more than 6 months, be aware that a safety check will be required and make sure you allow for that in your plans.

For 6 month electrical safety inspections in the Launceston area please phone Mance Electrical on 6331 4711.

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