We recently carried out a maintenance check on a solar panel system for a new client and heard a very unfortunate story.

Our client was sold a 5 kw system about 12 months before, by one of those mainland companies that advertise heavily on TV.

The door to door salesman was very helpful and made a phone call direct to head office and managed to get the client a $3,000 discount if he signed up on the day.  They also offered him a further $1,000 discount if he would agree to put a promotional sign on his fence.

Even after all these wonderful discounts the client still paid about twice what we would have charged him for the same sized system.

The moral of the story is – don’t buy a solar panel system off the first salesman that knocks on your door.  Do a bit of research and get some free local advice and a couple of quotes.

The cheapest system may not turn out to be the best value either, but there is absolutely no need to pay double the going rate to enjoy the benefit of solar panels on your roof.

The door to door salesman also overstated the performance of the system and told the client his panels would never need cleaning.  After 12 months the panels were quite dirty and if not cleaned would just further increase the already long payback time on this over-priced system.

Watch this short video to see the problems caused by dirty solar panels.

Every home has unique features that need to be considered when planning a solar panel installation.  We believe that a qualified, accredited and experienced installer can design a better solar panel system than a door to door salesman, and possibly at half the price!

For free advice, free quotes and the advantage of dealing with a long established, local business phone Mance Electrical on 6331 4711.




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