Japan Turns Disused Golf Courses Into Solar Farms

In the 1980s the Japanese economy was booming and successful business people took up golf in huge numbers.

Golf was a prestigious and expensive hobby and golfer numbers reached a peak of over 14 million players.  New courses were constructed all over the country to meet the strong demand.

The Japanese economy has been stagnant in the decades since then and golfer numbers have declined by over 40%. The result is a glut of disused or under-utilised golf courses.

Solar panel manufacturer Kyocera has found a new use for some of these old golf courses, turning them into solar farms.

A 23 megawatt plant is currently under construction near Kyoto and there are plans for other installations, including a 93 megawatt plant that will power over 30,000 homes.

Since the Fukashima nuclear disaster there has been a surge of interest in renewable energy.  The former golf courses are ideal areas for solar panel installations and the number of solar farms will definitely increase in the future.

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