Well, of course, we’ve often wondered that ourselves, so when Launceston artist Amanda Parer asked us that question we immediately said “55 watt LED floodlights.”

Amanda’s rabbits were inflated one at a time in our workshop to test the best combination of lights.   The impressive sculptures were first displayed at Launceston’s Junction Arts Festival in September last year.

















The big bunnies then traveled to Sydney for the Vivid Festival of Light, where these photos were taken.

The glowing rodents are currently on show in London at the Southbank Centre Winter Festival, until the 11th of January.  From there it’s just a short hop over to Belgium for the Light Festival Ghent at the end of the month.

Amanda has also been invited to display her creations in Riyahd, in Saudi Arabia.















LED floodlights were the best choice for inside the rabbits because they provide an awesome amount of light while producing very little heat.  A traditional halogen floodlight would have definitely resulted in burnt bunnies.

Another benefit of LED floodlights is the greatly reduced power consumption.  With 10 floodlights and 5 fans to run, power supply could have been an issue with other lights.

Click here to see more of Amanda’s work.  If you need LED floodlights for any purpose, including large inflatable structures of any kind (not only rabbits), please give us a call at Mance Electrical Launceston, on 6331 4711.






















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