4 gang power point

You really need some extra power points, but what’s the most economical way to get them installed?

More appliances and more gadgets means you need more power points.  More in the kitchen, more behind the TV and more for your computer gear.  You could get some power boards and double adapters but we all know the horror stories about the fire and electric shock hazards that a tangled jumble of cords and plugs can cause.

The easiest and safest way to get additional power points is to swap an existing double power point for a new 4-gang fitting.

In most cases it’s a simple job to remove the old power point and fit a new 4-gang power point to the existing wiring.  It’s an easy fix that doubles the number of available outlets.

There are some limitations.  Your power circuit is most likely protected by a 16 amp circuit breaker so the combined maximum load on one circuit will be 16 amps.  That means you can’t plug your toaster, kettle, heater and clothes dryer all into the one power point.

Appliances like TVs, computers, DVD players, games consoles and phone chargers are not so power hungry so shouldn’t be a problem when operated together.

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