Solar Power – Cowboys And Confusion Are All Too Common

The Number One Complaint

The Number One Complaint of unhappy solar panel owners is, their system doesn’t deliver the performance they were promised.

These under-performing systems are sold over the phone or door-to-door by salespeople pushing “one size fits all” systems to earn their commission.

You need an on-site visit by a qualified installer to assess your individual circumstances and an accurate performance projection so you can make the best decision about investing in solar.


You’ll Probably Pay Too Much

High pressure tactics and deals that sound too good to be true are very common in the solar power industry.

 “Today Only” amazing discounts are designed to prevent you from researching and comparing other offers and installers.

Mance Electrical can help you put together a system that’s a great deal and a good investment.

Dodgy Work And Warranty Problems

A rushed job with high prices for low quality components is all too common in this industry.

When your system is down, you’re not making power and you’re losing money.

Mance Electrical is your local installer with a track record of looking after our clients and always being here to provide the back up service and warranty you need. 


A Quality Installation And A Great Investment

A System That Works – Guaranteed

Solar Power Works!  We guarantee our systems will reduce your power bill and your projected savings will be accurate.

Your solar proposal is tailored to your unique circumstances and designed to give you maximum return on investment.

The same solar expert who prepares your proposal will actually come back and get on your roof to install your panels if you decide to go ahead.

Value For Money

always You need accurate and reliable information to help you make he best decision.

 Our “Solar Sense” proposal will give you all the info you need to choose the best option for your home or business.

 A custom designed solar panel system will always be a better investment than just going with the cheapest quote.


Local Warranty and Back Up

With our focus on “everything Done Right” our clients are very happy and give us the most 5-star reviews of any electrical contractor in Launceston.

Occasionally minor issues do occur and we believe it’s important to sort out problems quickly.

Mance Electrical is local, and committed to a great outcome for you.  We take the hassle out of warranty claims by only dealing with ethical and trustworthy suppliers.

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