A Generator Inlet Makes Home Back Up Power Easy And Safe

Connecting a portable generator to power your home during a blackout requires some preparation.

You could just throw a cord in through a window and run more cords from a power board to your fridge and freezer and a couple of other appliances.

A far better way is to install a generator inlet.  A proper generator inlet enables you to plug your generator directly into some of the power circuits of your home.

This means you can run your appliances from their usual power points and can also allow you to run some lights, depending on how it is set up.

The size of your generator will determine how many appliances you can run. A small generator will probably only be able to run your fridge and a few lights.

You would require quite a large generator to completely replace mains power.  Appliances such as heaters, hot water cylinders and ovens draw large amounts of power.

A generator of around 6KVA size can be sourced for less than $2,000 and will have technology that provides clean filtered power suitable for running computers and other electronic equipment.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the location of your generator.  The generator inlet will need to be close to the switchboard, however you have some flexibility with the exact location of the generator, depending on the length of the power cord.

The generator needs to be in an area where exhaust fumes will not blow back into your home.  It should be located out of the weather if possible and you should also consider the security of the unit.

A large stationary generator will not be easy to move, but could be an attractive target if power cuts become common.

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Your investment for the installation of a generator inlet installation with an approved change-over switch would start at around $700.

Since everyone’s home is different it’s best to get a free fixed price quotation. The cost will vary depending on the configuration of your switchboard and some other variables.


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